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Whether you need a automotive locksmith for lost car key replacement, have a broken car key that needs repair, need a duplicate transponder key or just need a car or truck ignition lock changed, we can probably assist you. Since we only work with automotive locks, vehicle keys and car remotes, we are able to program the latest electronic push to start keys, car key fobs, car clickers, proximity car keys and many more. Need a Honda key because your remote has broken off? Lost your only set of car keys? Don't tow it to a dealer, we come to you at a fraction of the price of key making, towing, and key programming. Car dealerships often only quote the cost of the key, and will not admit there is a service fee and programming fees associated with making a new key for your vehicle, not to mention towing costs. We, like most automotive locksmith companies, give a total price over the phone, which includes-key programming, key cutting and delivery to you, at your vehicle. We know you have already lost all of your car keys or you wouldn't be calling on an automotive locksmith. We are here to help you when you need a Baton Rouge automotive locksmith to replace vehicle keys of any kind, whether they are: Motorcycle keys, ATV keys, RV keys, SUV keys, laser cut high security vehicle keys, transponder keys, push to start keys, car keys, truck keys or car remotes. We can program almost all of these types of automotivekeys for many older and some newer vehicles.

We can program duplicate transponder keys, and program electronic proximity keys (push to start keys) for Nissan, Ford, Infinity, Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Acura, Hyundai, KIA, Mercury, Lincoln. 

We make replacement keys for the following makes and models of cars, trucks and SUVs: Toyota, Scion, GMC, Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, Saturn, Acura, Honda, Nissan and Infinity replacement vehicle keys from 1998-2009. And push to start keys for vehicles like Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep up to 2015. Ford, Lincoln, Mercury push start keys to 2016, Infinity and Nissan push to start keys up to 2017.

Duplicate transponder keys and transponder key programming available for:

Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Mazda, Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Saturn, Cadillac, Toyota, Scion, Nissan, Infinity, Hyundai, KIA, Honda, Acura, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and many more.

Automotive Key or Ignition Lock Issues?

Read our guide to replacement automotive keys for an idea of what's involved in having a new key made, as well as some tips on typical automotive lock and automotive key issues reported by customers just like you.

Replacement keys, and lock issues by Make:

Honda Ignition Lock Issues-Many times we have customers call and say that their key will only go into the lock, but won't turn on the car. You probably need a new ignition lock assembly. Most local auto part stores have this in stock. If you have someone change the ignition lock assembly, please be sure to follow the rules associated with changing it: Do not change the black electrical box above the ignition lock assembly. This is called an ECM box, and is mated to your cars anti-theft system. The new keys can't be programmed to the car if that ECM box is replaced with the newer one. Mark the old box with a dot of nail polish before changing the assembly. Other customers might break the key housing of a Honda vehicle key. The transponder chip is located in the key housing and the key blade and housing must be used together to start the vehicle. If this vehicle is then started without the transponder chip in it, more than twice, the vehicle's anti-theft module will be locked up, and then the car will require a dealer programming tool to unlock the immobilizer so keys may then be added back into the system. We can help with a new Honda key shell housing, Honda key programming and more just give us a call.

Broken Honda key? Call us and save money, we can fix your key.

Toyota-Most vehicles 1998-2005 including Camry, Solara, Highlander and others. Replacement of the vehicles computer is necessary when all automotive keys are lost. Yet if you still have a black master key or even a grey valet key you can have an extra key cloned to the vehicle. Depending on which key you have, the cost could vary, but it won't be the price of a new computer.

Ford, Lincoln, Mercury-1998-2010. Problem-Keys stop working. Most Ford, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles with PATS including PATS 2, 3 and PCM have an issue when the vehicle battery is changed. Pull off the negative battery cable, then the positive battery cable. Let the vehicle sit for ten minutes, then touch negative and positive cables together-make sure that the cables are disconnected from the battery posts and only touch the cables together to discharge and remaining juice in the cables. The battery cables can act like a capacitor and hold electricity even after being disconnected from the cars battery. Reconnect cables and try to start the vehicle.

Ford, Lincoln, Mercury-1998-2002 Ford PATS1, PCM, VCM software. Vehicle won't allow programming of new or replacement vehicle keys. PCM relay is bad in the vehicle. Check your owners manual for "PCM" and replace this relay. 

Dodge Charger key
Nissan proximity key for Maxima ,Altima