Many customers call and say that after changing the battery in their Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicle, the keys which once started it, no longer work. Check the following to see if this might be the issue you are currently having:
There is a red light either on the dash by the windshield on newer Ford, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles, or a light on the instrument cluster which will flash 'Theft'. When the car ignition is off, this is normal part of the anti-theft system which lets you know the system is armed. Turn your key to the on position so that the instrument cluster is lit up, but do not attempt to start the vehicle. If the red light on the dash lights up, or theft on the instrument cluster lights up, then goes out, the keys are not the issue. If the light flashes fast and constantly, tor slowly blinks, or lights up and stays solid, the keys being added back into the vehicles computer may solve the issue. We can help troubleshoot and solve most issues with Ford, Lincoln and Mercury automotive keys.